First Wedding – a story of Love for all people

At the beginning of time, the world was a sparkling rainbow of land and sea, of mountains and valleys, of people and places. The people lived everywhere and the animals walked safely among them, all types and kinds, each beautiful in their own way. They were tall giraffes and round hippopotamuses and tiny mice and giant elephants; they had wings and tails, fins and fingers, stripes and spots and all colours of the rainbow and they were all beautiful.

The people were beautiful, too. They were tall and dark and short and fair, they were lean and round and strong and curved like hills rolling into the distance. They had skin like honey and ebony and milk and sunset, eyes like the earth and the sky and the green valleys and the dark and beautiful night, they were curly and wavy and straight and smooth, old and young and wise and foolish. The only thing the same about ALL of them was Love. They all had Love to give and wanted to be loved in return.

One day, two of them decided to go for a walk on their own into the forest, and there they met each other. They were different and the same, and they delighted in the difference and their delighted in the sameness. One said to the other “You are so very beautiful” and the other said “I wish to be by your side and walk with you for ever more.”

And so, they set out together and traveled to many places. They danced and played together, they ate and drank together, they met joy and sorrow together, they helped one another, and they shared their Love, one with the other and the world grew to be a more loving place.

Their Love grew so big that one day the world decided to throw them a big party. And so, all the animals of the forest flew down and climbed up and hopped over and ran and wiggled and swam to the shores of the place in the forest where they lived.

And all the people came, too, bringing gifts to celebrate their Love – a seashell for their home, a pillow for their heads, a meal for their table, a blanket for their bed, a flower for their garden and gowns for their wearing; and the people made music for their dancing and poems about their Loving and the party went on and on into the night and the next day and the days after that. And that was the first wedding ever.

The beautiful people loved each other and the world with all their hearts so fiercely that they shone as bright as the sun for all the world to see, and they are still shining to this day. And that’s the end of the story, and the beginning of the story about why people get married to this very day…