A Song of Life – a poem in honour of music

Long ago
Before religion was written
In the dry pages of a priestly book
The world sang with life

Skies opened and rain fell,
Beating time on roofs of trees and rocks
The earth erupted, rumbled
Oceans swelled songs of soothing and of fury
The sea below alive with sound unheard above

On the land – choruses of birds and wolves
And others – untold thousands giving voice to their music
Songs beautiful, ethereal, mysterious
Words known only to their singers
But heard by all in a great chorus of life

And we,
Before any thought of God
Voices raised together in the dark
Sang to tell stories of love and courage
Made music to feel less alone

Fashioned instruments that with tapping or beating
With breathing or plucking,
the caress of human hand on nature’s gift
made something more wonderful than each was alone

Before there was God,
Religion, church,
Choir or symphony,

There was sound
And that sound was life
We sing it to this day.