I’m Sorry Dear Cousin – a poem of resistance

I’m sorry, dear cousin
I must look away
at the crumbling of your empire
at what you have to say
It’s not that I don’t notice
It’s not that I don’t care
It’s just that I must offer
something better than despair

I know that evil prospers
when the innocent stand by
I know the lasting danger
of the unrepentant lie
But I won’t be a witness
to the death of your world order
As you try to slam the door
Upon your artificial border

Your unrepentant despots
are in their death throes now
Their values dying with them
while a newer world, somehow
is rising from the ashes
of their immolation pyre
An earthly resurrection
a hope that will require
all the love and wisdom
we can gather in our hearts
all the inspiration from
the furthest, far-flung parts

So do not be offended
if I now avert my eyes
and train my stubborn vision
on an ancient, higher prize
I’m patiently with joy
preparing my resistance
Listening to children
and plotting their existence