My Darling Husband – a silly Love poem (one of many!)

You are the milk in my tea
and the sugar in my bowl
You are the light in my chandelier
and the bulb in my fixture
The inspiration in my sermons
and the answer to my prayers
The toothpaste on my brush
The tablespoon next to my teaspoon
The fireworks over Ancaster
and the light in my candle
My all-natural sleeping pill
and the only good reason to stay up late
You are the turkey in my Thanksgiving
and the butter in my tarts
You are the cool waters of my stream
and the rock around which they flow
You are the captain of my heart’s voyage
and the safe harbour to which I return
You are the wind on which my spirit soars
and my safe landing when I fall.

For Peter

On the Occasion of our 10th anniversary

July 31, 2008