A Father’s Love – a poem of gratitude

A Father’s Love is in the comfort of his arms
Carrying you throughout your life
Over obstacles large and small
Wrapping you ‘round in safety and warmth
Giving you the courage to venture forth

He’s the ship you sail
And the safe harbour
that welcomes you home

A Father‘s Love is full of delight
Goofy and magical at the same time
Making you laugh at the silly side of life
And helping you to see the world with joy and wonder

He’s the giggling toss in the air
The feeling of flying
And the soft, safe place to land

A Father’s Love believes in you
Not because you’re smart or beautiful
(Although he thinks that, too!)
He’s the first and last to love you
Just because you’re you

He’s your inner wisdom and outer confidence
His love is the rock on which you build your home
And the exhilaration you feel when you test your wings

A Father’s Love makes you believe in yourself
and feel brave enough to try new things
Interests that he shares with you
And passions you find that are all your own

He wants the best for you
And believes you can do
Anything you set your heart on
He opens the door, takes your hand
And leads you gently forward into the world

A Father’s Love
Teaches you to be gentle and kind
His love is tender and soft
He shows you the true meaning
Of the word “gentle-man”

His love is the peace in your heart
For the rest of your life

A Father’s Love
Is a promise he keeps
To love you forever
To shine a light and show you the way

A Father’s Love is a circle
That can never be broken
A hug that lasts forever
And a hand in yours