The Art of Worship – a reading in honour of the sacred

Do you know how far back it goes?
Is there some atom of your being that can remember?
Some part of you that pulses to an ancient rhythm—
Some desire to bend your back to the warmth of a fire—
Something that draws you into the circle
And makes you wonder why, and how and when?

It has been with us since the beginning,
This wonderment, this praise.
It began in the beauty of the sun’s dying rays
Reflected in our mind’s eye
The wild roar of the waves
To our listening ears
And swelled to word and song and ceremony.
It is the sound of two voices rising together in the dark
It is a community gathered to mourn or celebrate
It is one soul pondering a star-filled sky.

Do you know what work you do?
It is holy, ancient, alive
It is the work of the people
And always has been.

May we do it well, and with joy.